Field mobility service solutions

Improving enterprise field workforce productivity and operations efficiency in your industries.

Field mobility is at the core of our services, we guide you through and create a solution focussed on high productivity and superior technology.

A great B2B enterprise field mobile solution needs a supplier who understands the industry you're in. In additions to understanding key data capture technologies, rugged hardware and applications delivery, understanding various service industries mean we can deliver high productivity, with greater velocity, but with less suprises meaning reduced solution risk.

Check out some of the industries we've gained a lot of operations experience of over the years.

Field mobility solutions

Field mobile workforce applications

We guide your Business as service and operations go field mobile

"Field Mobility" is now the core of a businesses IT systems and supply chain as core technology, processes and efficiency shift from desktop to field mobile devices. As workers and management change so the technologies, service and expertise changes with it.

Diverse range of field mobility workforce solutions

As industry competition hits saturation, we constantly research and deliver unique and diverse applications that run as a rugged field mobile solution. Essential to customer and industry processes, from site visits, incident reporting, council community inspection or simply extending your help desk into the field, we've delivered countless field mobility projects that are unique, large and small.


Fulfilling the supply chain

Most B2B supply chain solutions start with a warehouse and we have key experience delivering mobility and software into large and small warehouse projects.


Barcodes and more recently RFID are core technologies used in warehouse and for a performance platform you need a deep understanding of barcodes and barcode scanner equipment.

Printing and labelling

Identifying warehouse items and locations starts with a barcode and a label. We have string print, label and barcoding expertise that ensures it's done properly from the start, both hardware and software.

Warehouse barcoding
Utilities and meter reading

Utilities, Energy & Meter reading

"Electric" Accuracy

Energy is precious and gas, electric, and water are no longer cheap so keeping an up to date record of usage is important for energy suppliers and customers. This means a field mobile workforce capable of quick access to energy meter readings on a regular basis is vital.

Mapping, navigation, 3G & GPS

Not only do field mobile devices have to be familiar and easy to use by a transient industry workforce, they also need a high specification so that they can track, pin point, navigate and then send vital gas, electric and water data back to HQ.

Asset management and Stockroom

Management of your business assets

It's critical that companies large and small keep on top of the management of their assets and asset management in field mobility is how this is achieved. Through both software and mobile hardware we work to ensure companies have the right field mobility tools, software and technology to keep their assets up to date.

Stock room

Smaller customers don't have high mobility with integrated warehouse systems but still rely on accurate stock room knowledge for ordering and sales. Doing this by hand is no longer an options and small scale business experience has given us the ability to deliver mobility technology into stock room projects that are small, even 1 device!

Printing and labelling

Identifying warehouse items and locations starts with a barcode and a label. We have strong Zebra printing, label and barcoding expertise that ensures it's done properly from the start, both hardware and software.

Asset management and stock room
Utilities and meter reading

Public sector

NHS & Healthcare

From hand held laboratory testing and ID to bedside assistance to Zebra labelling, or even onsite facilities engineering, we've delivered into many areas of NHS and healthcare.

Councils, Education, public sector

Often varied and innovative systems, but with obstacles and incumbent issues and integration required, we've worked on many public sector projects where we've become part of an essential management and delivery team that makes any mobility project work.

Security and Fire/electric inspection

Proof of presence and field mobility

Working with some of the biggest names in security we have a track record of supplying the right rugged hardware and data capture expertise into security and fire/electric inspection teams that ensure site security and safety.

Innovative field mobility solutions

We've also worked in all areas of security and electric, fire or general inspection, demanding strong technology, RFID, NFC, GPS and barcoding expertise that deliver successful security and inspection solutions to workers.

Security and fire inspection