The Raptor App Store

Our apps are right here and come ready to run on all Raptor devices. They're also all free so download and use them on any Android device you want.

The Raptor Portal

All Raptor customers get access to our Raptor support portal, see what's in development here.

Raptor portal Development
Currently developing

Raptor account manager.

How-to video section.

Coming Soon

Location track and trace.

Open forum questions.

Online payment system for Repairs.

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Security, provisioning, remote management

We've carefully integrated KIOSK and Mobile Device Management software into our toolbelt so that you have tools that you can use to help you secure and manage your Raptor mobile devices.

SureLock KIOSK mobile device


Secure & Lock down you devices stopping them from being tampered with.

Mobile Device Management


Manage multiple devices easily and remotely by using MDM Configuration services.

Device health applications

Designed to keep your device healthy and running longer.

Raptor battery saver

Battery Saver

Create profiles and settings to keep your Raptors battery running longer.

Google play for Auto Battery Saver
Android Battery Manager

Battery Manager

Check the health of your devices battery in detail.

Google play for Battery Manager
Android drop recorder

Drop Recorder

Monitors and records device drops and advises the user.

Google play for Battery Manager

safety & Security Applications

Designed to keep your users safe and sound.

User Check In and SOS

Check-In SOS

A user check-in and man down SOS emergency safety application.

Google play for Check-in SOS
Android Remote Secure

Remote secure

Remotely lock, wipe and reset your mobile device if it's lost or stolen.

Google play for Android Remote Secure

Productivity Applications

Apps that improve your productivity.

Raptor Barcode Scan Demo

Barcode scanner

Aggressive camera based barcode scanner demo app for all Raptors.

Google play for Barcode scanner
Raptor FlashLight


Use your devices camera flash as a torch.

Google play for Flashlight
Coming soon

Asset Manager

Scan all day, store and send lists of your assets.

Google play for Asset Manager
STockroom Android App


Manage your stockroom inventory with our stock taking app.

Google play for Stockroom
Coming soon

NFC Tag Writer

Reads/Writes NFC tags and displays information.

Google play for Android NFC Tag Reader/Writer