Securing your mobile devices

It's more important than ever to secure your mobile devices and the platform they run on.

Raptor mobile enterprise solutions are secure!

Here at Raptor we have a multi-tiered approach to protecting your devices so they're secure for use in the field.

Hardware level

  • Rugged hardware
  • Accessories
  • Up to date OS
  • Physical access


  • Persistent configurations
  • Easy to backup/restore
  • Branding less prone to theft
  • Fixed device behaviour


  • User restricting
  • App restricting
  • Configuration
  • Limit access to device

Remote tools

  • Locating lost hardware
  • Wiping data
  • Locking lost devices
  • Dealing with loss

protecting against users

Users of mobile devices can cause a lot of issues if not managed properly, we have a range of services and applications designed to help stop security threats caused by users.

Malicious damage


Disgruntled or frustrated employees might want to damage devices or delete data.

Accidental damage


Employees might accidentally download a malicious app or delete something important.



Untrained employees might randomly damage or delete a vital system on the device.

Time wasters

Time wasters!

Some spend hours on social media, texting or the phone, destroying productivity.


What do you do if a user loses or has their mobile device stolen? If you loose a mobile device then your business might have a problem.

Android Logo

What happens to customer data stored on the device?.


Employee productivity immediately reduced with no device.

Hardware Loss

Hardware costs money too, if you lose a device it needs replacing unless you can find it.

Malicious Attack

How do you stop a thief from potentially using or damaging your business through the mobile device?

Data Leakage

Mobile operating systems bring a lot of features to their users, however they're taking a lot of your data in return for this.

Whilst that might be fine for an individual, it might not be so good for a business.

Location data

Location data is taken routinely from mobile phones, with some like iPhones not allowing you to switch this off. How do you know if your mobile devices are sending location data back to their manufacturer?

App permissions

Apps you install can ask for permission to do literally anything on your device. How do you ensure they are using device permissions legitimately?

Google Play data leakage

Google, Apple and Microsoft themselves can scrape all kinds of usage data from their phones.

Cloud leaked data

Personal information that's automatically stored in the cloud can be a data security risk.

Critical business data

Databases stored on device, are susceptible to attack.

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