Does your brand deserve that extra special touch?

The world has changed,
We customise any element of your device in days not weeks.

Fast turn around, low volume, nicely priced, locally manufactured accessories is actually real!

See what we can customise for you!

3D Printing

We have our own mini-factory of 3D printers that can rapidly prototype and build amazing parts.

At the core of our fabrication services, with 3D printing we can quickly design, create and fabricate any accessory you need. It's just unbelievable what we can do for you.

If it doesn't exist then we make it!

Holsters and cases

Choose off the shelf or we'll design branded, totally bespoke cases for your mobile devices at the same cost.

Rugged Holster


Used to "Holster" your mobile device when not being used.

Rugged Flip case

Flip Case

Permanently attached case for your mobile device.

Covertec Stud

Bespoke Attachments

Need a clip or unique solution, then we do that!

3D printed accessories

Handstrap assemblies

Keeping your device secure and making it more ergonomic to use.

Charge Panels/Cradles

Storing devices in one place, charged and ready for work at all times.

Customised ROM Branding

Splash screens, wallpapers, sounds and tones can all be configured and made permanent.

Raptor Configuration

Branding and stickers

We can change any of the sticker points on our Raptors so you can brand them to your exact corporate requirements.

Raptor Configuration