We build enterprise mobile solutions

We have deep software capability that gives us an edge when working on your deployment team.

You can use our software expertise in many different ways.

We're agile

We understand the software development life cycle and can engage with you or your software partners.

We can tie the SOFTWARE - OPERATING SYSTEM and HARDWARE parts of your project together and make sense of them for you.


We use SCRUM which breaks down your software project into smaller chunks that are easy to explain, develop and manage.

Improved quality

Because customer involvement is key, your software can evolve as the project is completed. This means you get better software that's aligned with your changing business needs more closely.

Accommodate changes

Because a working version of your software is always available, making changes at any stage can be easily included in the next development cycle.

Customer/People focuses

SCRUM focuses on people, their roles and has specific feedback points built in. SCRUM doesn't hide behind processes.

Predictable delivery

Small 2-4 weeks sprints that are monitored closely means projects never go too far off the rails.

SCRUM Agile Software Process

We can also build you a solution from scratch

We're experienced developing in the following technologies and develop apps and websites every day.

Android software development


The most popular, feature packed and powerful mobile business OS available today.

Windows mobile development

Windows Mobile

Still common on legacy rugged devices that have unique hardware features like barcode scanners.

Mobile website development


The latest web design tools used for building interfaces.

Mobile website development


Mobile web solutions pave the way for fast, innovative deployment, bridging the web/mobile void.

Android software development

Microsoft .NET/C#

The number 1 business tier technology for websites and portals.

Windows mobile development

SQL Server

Trusted database expertise that's scalable and cost effective.

Or just use our expertise where you need it most

We understand web and mobile programming but with a hardware background, we understand a lot more than that.

Mobile strategy

  • Mobile first consultancy
  • Mobile strategy
  • User requirements
  • Workflow analysis

Interface design

  • User analysis
  • Branding
  • UX design
  • Responsive design

Mobile Hardware

  • Raptor Ecosystem
  • Staging
  • Kiosk
  • MDM

Specialist skills

  • API knoweldge
  • Barcoding
  • NFC
  • OS specialisation

Data strategy

  • Database selection
  • Data structure design
  • Database creation
  • Sync strategy

Portal design

  • UX design
  • Usability testing
  • Hosting


  • Cloud hosting
  • Deployment services
  • Intranet/Internet

Data synchronization

We understand how to move data from mobile device to your servers. Deep mobile experience means we understand distrubuted data systems and how to keep your data available and secure.

Data synchronization