Mobile device configuration

Raptor Configuration

Configuring your mobile devices correctly will keep them running efficiently.

Setting up

Mobile devices are complex electronic devices and they can require quite a bit of setting up. We make this process simple and easy by doing all of the work for you.

Mobile device set up

You need to set up all of the applications and services that your business needs the device to run.


Althings like screen brightness, timeout settings and more need setting up so the device is usable.


PIN numbers, user accounts and all the things needed to make the device secure.

User Details

User data such as email accounts, contacts, personal information.


Anything that brands the device as yours like wallpapers, logo screens.

Restricting Access

Whilst the above is all about setting the device up you then need to ensure that users can be restricted from accessing parts of the device you don't want them to. This makes the device more robust to use.

Raptor R8 KIOSK

Configuring = Efficiency

By configuring your devices as business tools, you'll keep your users focussed on the job at hand, not on the Play store!

Setting up for different users or roles

Easily create set up packs so different users, roles or groups can be up and running in no time.

Raptor R4


Access to helpdesk applications and no settings.

Raptor R5


Access to key workforce apps and contacts databases.

Raptor R8


May need admin access to all settings and play store.