The Raptor Toolbelt

The Raptor toolbelt binds all of our services together bringing an ecosystem of tools, apps and services all designed to compliment your enterprise mobile solution.

What's part of the Raptor toolbelt ecosystem and how does it work?

The Raptor Portal

The Raptor customer portal is the place our customers get help and run their mobile platforms from. The Raptor portal is unique, feature packed and it's adding services all the time.

Asset management

All of your devices are automatically added into the Raptor ecosystem, login and see them all in one place.

Support Alerts

Know when your devices are nearing the end of their support, with the ability to refresh service packs.


Manage all of your repairs in one place and log RMA's with 1 click! Repairs made really easy.

Help & Advice

Get help and advice from engineers through our quick question service. The fastest way to get help.

Account management

Get reports on all aspects of your mobile estate, PDF ready for your meetings. Find issues and target them quickly.

Loads more coming soon

We're currently developing all kinds of new services, check out the development schedule to see what's next.

Raptor Support Portal

Raptor App Store

Our growing list of toolbelt apps are 100% free, have no advertising and are designed to keep your devices safe, secure and productive.

Raptor battery saver
Android Check in
Android Barcode scanner demo
Android Flashlight
Android Asset Manager
Android Battery Manager

Android ROM Building

We develop our own bespoke Android ROMS for our Raptors because we feel this is the best way to ensure quality of our devices. Our ROMS are a vital part of our Raptor ecosystem.

Android Logo
Freeing up Resources

Our ROMS are cleaned of all rogue apps, whether Google wrote them or not! Ensuring Raptors have lots of free RAM and ROM, ready for your own apps.

App Replacement

We replace poor apps with good ones making Raptors productive.

Constant Updates

Updates to the ROM ensure it's always supported and always safe to use.

Security, configuration and provisioning always core

We constantly review pre-installed applications and configurations on Raptor devices so we have the best core applications installed at all times. We work with very few, partners, very closely to ensure we always present the best apps we can.

SureLock KIOSK mobile device


All Raptors have a KIOSK mode pre-installed, ready for you to use. Just enter the license key.

Mobile Device Management


All Raptors come MDM ready so you can choose when to connect them to your MDM network.