Rugged mobile solutions that perform

Great rugged mobile solutions need a strong foundation and solid mobile computing services.

Raptor Rugged mobile devices provide the technologies and performance your workforce and business needs.

15 years of rugged mobile expertise, distilled into One rugged device brand.

Why are raptor Rugged mobile computers better?

Lets find out...

Raptors are "Tough"

The Raptor rugged smartphones and tablets range are built durable and tough with all the basic rugged tech included and then some. All Raptors are extremely waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant.

A Raptor handheld is as rugged, waterproof and durable as any mobile device you'll find.

Tested Technologies

For an Industrial workforce

Raptor Rugged mobile computers are "Hybrid"

The best of both worlds!

Raptors feel like consumer devices or smartphones, but offer extreme ruggedness, and aren't just waterproof. They're focussed on your industrial work scenarios.

Our tablets use poweful Windows 10 or Android operating systems.

Raptor rugged phones and smartphones run our own bespoke fast, efficient and powerful Android OS.

There's a Raptor rugged mobile phone for everyone

Which one's for you? Learn more about Raptor devices here.

Raptor R4 Rugged Android Smartphone

Raptor R4

A great start if youre reviewing rugged phones, our version of a sleek rugged android smartphone built for business.

Raptor R5 Rugged Phablet

Raptor R5

A rugged smartphone built for business. 5" LCD, slim , big batteries, this rugged handheld is powerful, durable and packed with tech.

Raptor R7 Rugged Android Tablet

Raptor R8

Who needs a PC? With 8" screen running Windows 10 or Android 5.1, this is one of those rugged tablets that can do it all.

Raptors have Insanely great support

Raptor rugged mobile computers repair and support is fast, innovative, flexible and above all inexpensive.

You won't believe how great our device and Android OS support is, whether you need a simple handheld repair or some advice and help.

Raptors are just part of an Ecosystem

We understand that enterprise ready mobile solutions take a lot more than rugged hardware alone.

Android Security


We know how to keep your data, devices and employees safe and secure.

Mobile Provisioning


Sit back and let us send you mobile devices that are ready to run .

Data capture expertise

Mobile Expertise

Barcodes, Android, Software, we deliver consultancy on all aspects of mobile.

Rugged mobile support


We understand how to support mobile devices and have been doing it for years.

You can try a Raptor out before you buy!

See for yourself!
Get a loan device and see for yourself!

"Trying devices out before we bought reduced our risks by helping us choose the right device..."

Try before you buy & find the right device without spending a penny up front.

Involve your users improving project commitment.

Work with experts who'll help you learn and understand.

We make integrating hardware easy!

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