Building an enterprise level mobile solution

It's not just about the hardware any more.

With mobile becoming the most important IT strategy for businesses, how you configure, provision, secure, deploy and support your mobile devices is more important than ever before.

Our Raptor ecosystem of services cover everything you'll need to deploy your mobile solution safely and with the least risk to your business.

Mobile Security

Business mobile enterprise platforms need to be secure.

Raptor Security

Mobile device Configuration

An Enterprise mobile device must be configured correctly to be secure, productive and efficient.

Raptor Configuration

provisioning and Staging

Provisioning, staging and deployment services enable quick deployment that keep your devices constantly up to date and running.

Make changes to your mobile platform after deployment, even when they're all over the country.

Mobile provisioning

Making your platform yours

We develop, all kinds of bespoke accessories too. Low volume orders, designed quickly and fabricated fast at way lower prices than you might think.

Android ROM Logo


Branded OS's to match your corporate image.

Raptor R5 Branded

Branded logos

Corporate device branding gives immediate impact to your customers.

3D printed accessories


Accessories designed and built in days.

Support services

Whether it's hardware repair, software or OS help and guidance or professional levels of service you need.

You'll find what you need here to keep your mobile platform running smoothly.