Service and Support

Support is where things gets special here

Did you know 85% of your mobile platform costs will occur after initial purchase? Just what is it that's costing all that money?
Deployment and running your platform are now the biggest cost factors to running a network of mobile devices, we're focussed on helping businesses get set up and stay running
Technology still relies on good people and processes, the way we do things here focuses on technology, people and process, making sure your support works.
Rugged hardware itself is changing, huge choice, massive price range and big changes mean you need someone who's focussed on your technology and your business. We've done the hard work for you.

The Raptor hub is an ecosystem designed to support every aspect of your mobile platform

Passionate service

The core values our repair centre is based on.

Fast mobile device repairs

Be Fast

90% of repairs completed within 5 days.

Reliable rugged mobile support

Be Reliable

Genuine brand new parts used.

Mobile device support that's flexible

Be Flexible

Free warranty based to SLA driven services.

Support that communicates openly

Be Talkative

Real people, communicate at every stage of your repair.

SIMPLE but flexible support services

Our services compliment your business. Choose what you need from straight forward and easy to understand options.

Support Stack

24/7 Support

Our repair portal is so simple to use and it's also mobile friendly so you can use it on the move.

Check progress, talk to us or download reports 24/7 from anywhere.

Mobile Friendly Website

A Clear Reactive Process

Up front

We'll tell you quickly what the problem is and give you simple choices on the next steps.

Clear pricing

Pricing is clear and we always tell you when something isn't standard so you know where you stand at all times.

Clear Actions

You'll always know what's going and who has the action to proceed.

Know where you stand

Log in and check on your repair at any time or give us a nudge if you want to ask a question.

Proactive rugged mobile support

But with help and advice when you need it most

Larry android toolbelt
Up to date Device Info

All your devices are stored in the portal so you can edit, view and check out any aspect of them or their support status 24/7.

OS and Software Support

Ask us a question any time and get an SLA on responses with our PRO service product.


Search and view clear how-to videos at any time, to help you with most of the day to day tasks you'll have.


Find manuals, documents images and more to help.


We love to talk! - No big dark 6-8 week repair holes here!

Email Us


Reply to us via email for simple updates, our system is updated automatically.

Portal Access


Log in to your case, view the case log, upload/download files and more.

Mobile Friendly Portal


Use our portal whilst on the move via our mobile friendly portal.


When the repair's completed we tell you exactly what we did, what you got for your money and we go further than that too

Everything you need to monitor, assess and report on your total repair activity.

Access to full repair reports.

Need information for your update meetings? We've done the hard work for you with a report on each repair and summary reports for your whole platform.

Download files

Download case reports and general reports at any time.

View case logs

View and download case logs for a deeper dive into any repair activity.


We love our customers, but we don't want to see you back when it comes to repairs. If we can advise or help further to stop you breaking your handhelds then thats on the reports too.

Rugged repair report