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Posta Faroe Islands

Helping the post move in the Faroe Islands with Posta


The Faroe islands are a remote set of islands in the mid north atlantic so they are inherently self preserving. The postal service, known as "posta" may be small by some standards, supplying 17,000 households with 48,000 inhabitants. However that doesn't mean their postal service has to be slow. Serviing from 34 post offices with 90 postal carriers, its a growing business looking to expand it's technology and capability.

The Problem

Posta simply needed a dependable device that would be up to the job of scanning parcels, could be easily carried but at the same time would be rugged enough for the weather conditions that the north Atlantic weather could throw at them. Main challenges to this project were:

Ruggedness The device chosen needed to be rugged. Not only would it be dropped occasionally, but it would be in almost constant rainy weather. Usage would also take its toll on the device in terms of wear and tear so it needed to withstand the daily rigours of the postal service. Accessories A good range of accessories would be needed so that the devices would be easy to charge, easy to use and become a tool that users would like using. Ruggedness Outdoor working The device would need to be able to work in outdoor conditions so their postal workers would not be hindered by the device.

The Solution

We'd never worked in the "Mid Atlantic" before so we despatched a loan Raptor E5 device to tell us what it was like being used by a Posta worker for a few weeks! It turns out the E5 found a new home in the Faroe Islands and has been performing very well. The IP65 water rating means the device is more than capable of beating off the wind and rain whilst the impact protector screens and rugged case, not only keep the device safe and sound, increasing the drop spec from 1.5 to 1.8M, but also gave the users an ergonomic hand strap. Along with a screen that works in water, it means the Raptor E5 has been the perfect solution for this project.

We also supplied Posta with our 5X multi cradle that is the only cradle on the market that can charge 5 devices and 5 spare batteries from 1 plug socket. These can also be connected together in any configuration which means Posta could buy and supply cradles for all its depot points and install exactly what was needed. Lastly Posta opted for the SE4710 barcode scan engine for the E5. Not only was it familiar for them but for their scenario, seemed to give the best results. It provided a fast efficient barcode scanner that did the job.

As for support, our Raptor HALO service was more than adequate for Posta's needs. With our remote support bolt on pack we are able to quickly repair devices and send themback quickly and at a fraction of the delivery price. Although 6 months later and we still haven't seen a Posta Raptor E5 in for a repair yet!

Technology Used

Raptor E5 Device with SE4710 barcode scanner 5X Multi cradle kits, split in combinations of 1 to 10 cradles. E5 Case and hand strap Raptor HALO comprehensive support