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Let us be your Rugged mobile Partner

Right from the start, our experts will help you

decide, choose, build and deploy.

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Rugged mobile hardware

High quality products and services at the Right Price

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Built for Business

years of experience means peace of mind support for business


Our mission has always been to enable the best technology for all

When choosing a rugged mobile plaform for your business, you typically have to make sacrifices. Here at Raptor we like to show customers that there's a different way to buy, support and manage your rugged mobile devices.

We Solve Problems

Our business model is to help, advise and solve your problems, whether a prospect or a customer.


We're direct to market, so there's no complexity before or after the sale, just us!

Save money
Quality at the right price

Less than half the price of classic rugged devices, sacrificing none of the quality.


Our focused time saving services and tools make managing and supporting your devices easy.


An expert B2B provider for 20+ years ensures you quality products and peace of mind support.

Stress free
Class leading support

The best support you'll find in the UK. We're fast, effective, inexpensive and innovative.

About us

The Raptor way

We believe that a rugged PDA is only half the story and you deserve more than just being sold a piece of hardware. Here at Raptor we offer deep expertise, free advice and help with the aim of creating long lasting relationships.

Fast warranty and repair
Problem Solvers

Who's going to be the glue between your rugged devices, networks, OS, backend and users? Our experts simply roll up their sleeves and help.

Proactive support
The Human Touch

Rugged Android experts aligned from the first call, Account contacts, engineer access, you choose how to communicate.

People to people
Built for Business

Our hardware runs an enhanced Android OS that's reliable, energy efficient, malware/bloatware free and secure. Your business data is safe.

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Dependable rugged Devices

Quality rugged hardware at the right price. Our Raptor rugged devices are FAST, EFFICIENT, SECURE and above all built for business.

Discover hardware

Discover how we can help you, talk to an expert now.

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Providing Peace of mind

Support you can depend on

Support, repairs, advice and help, whatever level you choose.

How we deliver support

Rugged device road map

Open and transparent Roadmap

Managed "end of life" for devices and parts. Cloud based services that constantly stay fresh and modern.

Our Raptor rugged devices

Secure hardware and services

Clean, checked and tested device OS's, services designed to help keep your people, devices and data secure.

See how we help with security

no nasty surprises

No gotcha's or nasty surprises

We want to make the latest technology accessible, and we always stand everything we sell.

We're trusted all around the world

Agile, innovative thinking and big delivery. We've helped businesses both large and small, from all over the world, in many different industries.

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PGA European Tour

Who we've worked with

Fast, Easy and efficient


No-one completes repairs quicker than us!

95% of warranty repairs are completed in under 5 working days, 80% in less than 3.

Raptorhub portal


Using our Raptorhub portal you can log repairs in seconds.

Generate reports on usage and connect up your devices for proactive services.

Need a quote, accessory advice or just need some help

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Efficient Rugged device services


Everything we do is designed to make managing your rugged devices efficient.

Spend your time on your business, not your hardware issues.

We make things SIMPLE ...

Our most basic support raises the bar and is often all customers ever need.

No hefty up front support costs, just a helping hand when you need it most.

Raptor R5 Rugged smartphone

Discover Raptor BASE

... but we support complex deployments too.

For businesses seeking peace of mind services and support, we also have multi-year contracted service options.

Genuine TCO, roadmap, long lasting support and proactive services to keep you business running.

Raptor R5 Rugged smartphone

Contracted support with a difference

Industries we work in

We have experience delivering in lots of different industries, here are just a few.


We're refreshing to work with

We're different

Our passion for ruggedness and all things mobile means we're focused on technology, and always focused on you.

About us

Talk to an Expert Now

Fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert. Just get in touch any way you like.

We work a 4 day week at Raptor (apart from support), so forgive us if we're a little slow on Fridays!

+44 (0)151 324 2244

(Mon-Thu 9AM to 5PM)

Save money

Oak Tree House, Wheatcroft Road, Liverpool, L18 9UF, UK.

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