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Why we're Raptor

We've been a rugged mobile reseller for years, selling and repairing all kinds of rugged brands.

Smashed screen R5

But we just couldn't innovate, change or tweak anything

so our customers never quite got what they needed.

So we tried to innovate...

...but it's always hard to innovate on other peoples products.

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Rugged Android Larry

At the same time the rugged mobile market was changing like we had never seen before.

So we decided to unlock the cage, create our own brand of rugged mobile devices ...

... Raptor was born.

Raptor R5 4G boot

We're Passionate about what we do here

We simply love rugged mobile technology, what came before and what comes next. Whether its durability, Android, apps or 3D printing, we are always creating new products and services to keep Raptors fresh.

We love Ruggedness

We're passionate about ruggedness and why businesses need to be rugged. We're constantly testing the limits of Raptors way beyond MIL-STD 801 guidelines.

Learn about ruggedness

We love Software

Whether it's Android apps, creating Android OS's or writing a full blown web application, we're constantly stretching our software knowledge which helps us understand mobile technology way better.

Software & Apps ...

We love to Innovate

Everything we do came from innovation. Whether a feature for our Raptorhub portal, a new accessory for a Raptor device or from listening to our customers, we're constantly innovating here.

Our expertise

We love 3D printing

If it's new technology then we're there! We love the fact that we can design, create and fabricate anything our customers need within days and at extremely low pricing.

We want to make technology accessible to all

It's 2017, technology should be available to all companies large and small.

At Raptor it is.



Our portal automates your mobile platform so you don't waste time.

Save money


Our products and services are great value for money making them affordable to all.

Stress free

No contracts

Our services don't always need a costly, up front contract, unless you need one.



Sometimes a person is all you need. Well we have those here too.

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We've sold all around the world

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