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About us


What drives us, our values our passions

The reasons we exist

We simply love mobile technology, especially the impact it can have on business. Everything we do comes from 3 main core values

Making things simple


Complexity is easy, we try to make everything simple, because that way technology can be understood better.

Accessible technology


We think technology should be available to everyone, so our prices are low and we innovate a lot.

Believe in Better

We believe there's always a better way and we're always trying to find it, whether a new product or service.

We love Ruggedness

We're passionate about ruggedness and why businesses need to be rugged. We're constantly testing the limits of Raptors way beyond MIL-STD 801 guidelines.

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We love Software

Whether it's Android apps, rebuilding Android OS's or writing a web application, we're constantly stretching our software knowledge which helps us understand mobile technology way better.

What we do with software

We love to Innovate

Everything we do came from innovation. Whether a feature for our Raptorhub portal, a new accessory for a Raptor device or from listening to our customers, we're constantly innovating here.

Our expertise

Where we came from and Why we're Raptor

Before Raptor, we were a rugged reseller for years, selling and repairing all kinds of rugged brands. Now we have the freedom to innovate freely!

We want to make technology accessible to all

It's 2019, technology should be available to all companies large and small.

At Raptor it is.



Our portal automates your mobile platform so you don't waste time.

Save money


Our products and services are great value for money making them affordable to all.

Stress free

No contracts

Our services don't always need a costly, up front contract.



We innovate every day, we also share that innovation through social media and our products.

We've sold all around the world

We know how to ship goods globally whilst supporting you locally.

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