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Robust, rugged mobile hardware

A mobile work companion, that won't let you down.

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Are your devices Raptor tough?

Waterproof, dust proof, drop proof - Raptors last for years

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Enterprise accessories

Ergonomic Accessories for any scenario. We also make bespoke accessories for you.

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Meet our rugged handheld Family

Highly Focussed, rugged devices with deep features, quality and "built for business" support.

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Raptors are Tough!

All Raptor rugged phones are MIL-STD DROP TESTED

All Raptors are IP RATED for dust and waterproofing - Work in any weather.

We also perform Raptor EVERY DAY testing, like tumble tests.

Then we Raptor "X-TEST" to find out their limits.

Guide to ruggedness

Raptor C5 Smartphone

Don't compromise

Raptors are "Hybrid rugged" devices, mixing the best features from consumer and classic rugged devices.

Rugged features

Extreme durability, big batteries, bright screens and business focused accessories.

Consumer style

Powerful, up-to-date, slim and light.

Learn what "hybrid-rugged" is

are Secure

Safedroid OS brings added features to Android

Series 6 devices EAS certified ensuring regular updates

Series 5 devices use Raptor bespoke OS's ensuring security

Why OS Matters

Raptor E6 Safedroid
Raptor C5 Smartphone

Are the Right price

We believe in rugged mobile hardware being accessible by all busineses and part of that is the price.

More than half the price of leading brands

Better specifications than most brands

We don't skimp on services or support

Learn what "hybrid-rugged" is

Built for Business

Always Supported

Covered with even our most basic support. You're never stuck with no help at Raptor.

Total Cost of Ownership

Support contracts bring peace of mind and a TCO model.

Road map

Devices, parts and support all road mapped so you always know where you stand.

Why Raptors costs you less

Awesome warranty & support

Support is what sets a Raptor device apart. All our hardware enjoys the best support and repair services you'll find


Even our most basic support and warranty services are fast.

Repair portal

Our "Raptorhub" portal makes running your devices support easy.

Proven support

95% of basic warranty repairs completed in under 24 hours.

TCO Rugged support

Multi-year support contracts for peace of mind. Lots of bespoke services.

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We're Problem Solvers

We don't just sell hardware and support, we pride ourselves on the way we solve problems for our customers.

Raptor Rugged Devices

No sales tactics here. Our sales engineers and tech consultants work with you to find the best hardware.

Meet the Raptors

Barcoding, RFID, Android, App, networking expertise helping you deploy a seamless solution.

Our expertise
Save money

Working with any external partner, we can help introduce the extra services you need for your platform .

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Save money

We can design and fabricate accessories in-house or via our partner network inexpensively and quickly.

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Talk to an Expert

Fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert. Just get in touch any way you like.

We work a 4 day week at Raptor (apart from support), so forgive us if we're a little slow on Fridays!

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