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About us

Raptor rugged hardware

Your perfect work companion

Raptor tough

Waterproof, dust proof - built rugged for business

Enterprise accessories

Ergonomic Accessories for any scenario

Meet the Raptors

Specialising in rugged mobile devices for business. One for every need.

Raptors are Tough!

Drop tested

All Raptor rugged phones are drop tested to at least 1.8M, ensuring they're seriously rugged.

IP tested

All Raptors are waterproof and dust tight ensuring you can work in any weather.

MIL-STD 810 tested

All testing is performed according to military guidelines.

Guide to ruggedness

Raptor C5 Smartphone

Don't compromise

All Raptors are "Hybrid rugged" devices, which means they take the best features from consumer and classic rugged devices.

Rugged features

Extreme durability, big batteries, bright screens and business focussed accessories.

Consumer style

Powerful, up-to-date, slim and light.

Learn what "hybrid-rugged" is

Built for Business

Always Supported

Covered with even our most basic support. You're never stuck with no help at Raptor.

Total Cost of Ownership

Support contracts bring peace of mind and a TCO model.

Road map

Devices, parts and support all road mapped so you always know where you stand.

Why Rugged costs less

Safe, Secure, reliable

Raptor devices have no malware or bloatware and are optimised for business applications.

Our portal helps manage your platform, keeping it efficient, safe and sound.

Raptor C5 Smartphone

Why OS Matters

Great hardware needs great support

When you buy from us the "Raptor hub" support portal becomes your home



A portal that adds value, not complexity to your day.

Save money


Raptor devices are registered immediately leaving nothing for you to do.

Stress free


Everything you need is just a few clicks away.



Continually improved with new features constantly added.

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Customise your Raptor

A customised device creates a professional image for your business, reduces device theft and creates OS level security.

Create a professional look

Create a look that fits your business.

Labels make an immediate impact in front of your customers, whilst accessories in any colour will complete a branded look.

Secure your brand

Your brand, apps and configurations can be baked right into the OS, making Raptor devices ready for for your workers and hard to sell on if stolen or lost.

No need for extra, complex MDM or KIOSK apps.

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Tweak your Operating system

Add branded boot, splash and shutdown screens and use your own wallpapers and themes permanently written into the OS itself.

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Raptor R3 Android OS

Lots of accessories

Choose from a range of accessories or let us design you something new.

View device accessories