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Data capture Skills and expertise

Where help is always at hand for your rugged smartphone or tablet.

Plenty of Data Capture Skills

We've had years of experience selling all kinds of rugged barcoding equipment.

Get your project right first time, using our extensive data capture expertise.

Barcodes, Labels and Printing

Decades of experience delivering barcode lead projcts and best practises in label printing.

There's a right way to read and print barcodes and we can deliver this expertise in to you.

RFID and NFC tags


RFID can be an excellent technology for your business, but a careful, empirical approach is required to get the best out of it.

Use our knowledge and test hardware to make sure you put together mobile hardware, tags and software that works well together.

GPS and Location based services

If you don;t know your Glonass from your a-GPS then come talk to us and we'll help you.

We eat GPS and tracking for lunch so if you want help with tracking or general location, then you're in the right place.

GPS and loactaion based services

Beyond Hardware

Rugged gives a platform, but skills and services now define who thrives and who just survives.

Advanced Connectivity and networking

Devices increasingly need to communicate with other devices and rugged smartphones are no exception.

We understand how to communicate efficiently and securely.

3G and 4G

Connecting and using the mobile networks effectively.

WiFI Networking

In house WiFi connectivity.

Rugged mobile bluetooth

PAN and how to connect local devices.

IOT and rugged devices

Integrating rugged devices with IOT.

USB / Serial connections
USB & Serial

Cabling and serial communication.

Cables and connectors
Cables & Connectors

We can build bespoke cables.

3D Printing

If it doesn't exist, then we just make it!

You'd be amazed at how quickly and how cheaply we can make any kind of bespoke accessory for you.

years of experience, ask us and be amazed!

Android software and apps

Software, OS and Apps

Deep, up to date software and Android OS expertise that can be put to work in many different ways.

learn about software

Talk to a human!

Need, fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert?
Just get in touch here to kick off your project.

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