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Raptor tough mobile devices

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The Raptor rugged device family
The family
Raptor R2 rugged phone
Raptor R2
Raptor C5 rugged smartphone
Raptor R5
Raptor R5 rugged smartphone
Raptor C5
Raptor E5 rugged enterprise handheld
Raptor E5
Raptor R8 rugged android tablet
Raptor R8

Meet the Raptors

A unique range of durable and waterproof smartphones and tablets built for business:


All Raptors are tough, waterproof, dust proof and can be dropped.

Built for Enterprise

Big batteries, great support, customisable and brandable.


Our Raptor OS is fast and secure with no bloatware or malware.

Great value

We believe in low prices that mean Raptor technology is accessible to all.

Raptor rugged devices

Raptor R2

The Raptor R2 is an extremely durable, inexpensive, rugged phone for workers who just need to keep in touch.

No fuss

The essential voice, text, 3G and camera features for those needing a companion phone in the harshest environments.

Designed for the toughest environments

1.8M drop spec and IP68 water and dust proofing.

Small in size

Just like that old Nokia phone you had, the R2's small enough to go in your pocket.

Great value

The Raptor R2's small in size and small in price.

Raptor R2 rugged phone

Raptor C5

Rugged but feels just like a regular smartphone, the Raptor C5 is the only rugged smartphone you'll need for work and play.

Looks and feels like a smartphone

Slim and light, with large screen, just like a smartphone.


The latest Android OS and specs just like your smartphone.

Durable design

Rugged with IP68 waterproofing and 1.5M drop spec.

One device

The only device you'll ever need. No need to buy a smartphone for work and a second one for personal use.

Raptor C5 rugged smartphone

Raptor R5

A modern rugged Android smartphone, built for business. Extremely durable with enterprise features all in a remarkably small form factor.

Class leading Battery

Choose the slim 3600mAh battery or class leading 6000mAh extended battery.


MIL-STD 810 durability with 2.0M drop spec, IP68 waterproof and dust proof.

Raptor Android OS

Our Raptor OS, is free from malware, bloatware and is designed to be fast, dependable and issue free.

Large screen

Big, bright 5" LCD screen, built for outdoor use.

Raptor R5 rugged smartphone

Raptor E5

With 1D or 2D barcode scanner built in, the Raptor E5 is built for barcode scanning.

Barcode scanning

Choose 1D Honeywell or 2D Motorola retail class barcode scanning engines.


The E5 is waterproof, dust proof and drop proof.

Dual MIC and Loudspeaker

Don't miss calls or scanned items even in noisy environments.

Big bright screen

Big, easy to read 5" screen is bright for both outside or inside working conditions.

Raptor E5 Enterprise rugged handheld

Raptor R8

A rugged tablet with a perfect sized 8" screen, the Raptor R8 is built for more complex mobile applications.

Usable screen

Bright 8" screen is the perfect balance between usability and size.

3G enabled

3G, wifi, Bluetooth and NFC enabled right out of the box.

Android or Windows 10

Choose either Android or Windows 10 operating systems.

Slim, light but extreme ruggedness

The R8 is slim and light, but is still highly rugged.

Raptor R8 rugged Android tablet

Raptors are Tough!

Drop tested

All Raptor rugged phones are drop tested to at least 1.8M, tablets to 1.5M

IP tested

All Raptors are waterproof and dust tight from IP65 to IP68.

MIL-STD 810 tested

All testing is performed according to MIL-STD 810 guidelines.

Guide to ruggedness

Raptor C5 Smartphone

Raptors don't compromise!

A Raptor device is at home whether scanning parcels or out on the town. Use your Raptor anywhere!

Rugged features

Extreme toughness, big batteries, big, bright durable screens.

Consumer style

Powerful, up-to-date, slim and light.

More about hybrid

Raptors are Business optimised

Total Cost of Ownership

Add on support contracts to bring peace of mind and a TCO model.


Our basic support is the best you'll find and often all you need.

Why Rugged costs less

An Operating system you can rely on

Our custom Raptor OS shakes out all malware, bloatware and inefficiencies.

Batteries last longer, devices run cleaner, your data is safe.

Raptor C5 Smartphone

Why OS Matters

Great hardware needs great support

When you buy from us the "Raptorhub" support portal becomes your home. Feature packed, our portal makes your life easier when things go wrong. Try it for yourself and see!



A portal that adds value, not complexity to your day.

Save money


Raptor devices are registered immediately leaving nothing for you to do.

Stress free


Everything you need is just a few clicks away.



Continually improved with new features constantly added.

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Customise your Raptor

A customised device creates a professional image for your business, reduces device theft and creates OS level security.

Create a professional look

Create a look that fits your business.

Labels make an immediate impact in front of your customers, whilst accessories in any colour will complete a branded look.

Secure your brand

Your brand, apps and configurations can be baked right into the OS, making Raptor devices ready for for your workers and hard to sell on if stolen or lost.

No need for extra, complex MDM or KIOSK apps.

Tweak your Operating system

Add banded boot, splash and shutdown screens and use your own wallpapers and themes permanently written into the OS itself.

Raptor R3 Android OS

Choose your accessories

Choose from a range of accessories, in brand colours, or let us design, create and then manufacturer anything for you.

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