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Where help is always at hand for your rugged smartphone or tablet.

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Rugged hardware is only as good as it's support

That's why at Raptor we focus as much on repair and support as we do our hardware. We're alwasy listening and tweaking our support to make sure it's:

Fast warranty and repair


Proactive support


People to people


Always listening

Always listening

Selling you a Raptor is the start of our relationship with you, not the end.

A Repair service you can rely on

At the heart of any rugged device support service, lies the repair centre.

Ours is Fast

Your rugged devices are critical to your business. They need to be back running as quick as possibble when they have an issue.

That's why 90% of our most basic, free warranty repairs are completed in under 3 days.

People Focussed

It's always frustrating when in your time of need, there's never anyone around.

We don't use bots or technology that make life difficult. We just have engineers and account managers, in one place, ready to help.

Adaptable and Innovative

Your business needs change all the time so our support products change with you.

Some of the things we've introduced in the past 12 months


Fast Fix

Ad-hoc fast repair times when you want them most.

TCO Repair support

No contracts

Get a top grade support level without a costly contract.

Repair portal


Raptorhub support portal "One click" repair logging.

Swap out

24 hour swap out repair options.

The Raptorhub support Portal

Stopping problems before they happen, resolving them quickly when they do.

The "Raptor hub" support portal is the control centre for managing your Raptor devices. It's simple to use, secure and most of all free for all our customers.

Manage your Assets

The Raptor hub support portal is the home for all your rugged mobile devices.

With just a few clicks, you can log in, configure and manage your whole mobile platform.

Smashed screen R5


Log repairs in seconds, keep track of all your devices.

Spend time on your business, not your hardware issues.

Get Proactive

Get advice, product reports, help your workers get the best out of their devices.

Find tools and services designed to protect your workers and stop problems happening.

Choose the right support product for you

Great FREE products, superb comprehensive support services and bespoke modules ensure there's a support product fit for your business.

Raptor BASE

Our core free service

Free but fast

< 5 day repair time

Portal access

Expert advice

FREE with all Raptors

"Pay as you go repairs"


Contracted support service

Comprehensive cover

< 3 day repair SLA

Accidental/wear & tear cover

Fast access to expert advice

Multi-year + annual renewal

"for TCO/peace of mind"

Raptor PLUS

Uplift with Modules

Swap out services

Raptor apps

Tracking and H&S

End user services

Reporting and advice

Accessory support

View support products

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