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Mobile Apps & Software

Android Software and apps built for business.

Ask our advice on Android Software

Not just a hardware Provider

Many rugged hardware providers don't understand software or Android at all which we think is a risk to you.

Our knowledge runs deep, which allows us to help you on many different mobile levels.

Android mobile applicationns

Android Apps

Website Node and Mean single page app


Android operating system expertise


Software consultancy


Forming part of your Team

Because we have end to end mobile expertise, we can work with your teams or partners.

Quickly resolve issues, innovate together.

End to end Software Expertise

Our software skills mean no more confusion...We just roll up our sleeves and resolve your needs.

We can develop software for you, help you understand your own or simply work with your team at the right level.

Try our Raptor Toolbelt Apps

A whole set of apps designed to help with common rugged device tasks.

Free to use on any Android device.

Raptor Flash light app
Flash light app
Raptor Stock room app
Stockroom App
Raptor Battery Manager
Battery manager app
Raptor Lone Worker app
Lone worker app (please ask for apk)
Raptor barcode scanner
Barcode scanner demo
Raptor Asset manager app
Asset management app
Signature POD app
POD / Signature app
Button remapper app
Button re-mapper app

download our apps

Deep Android Operating system knowledge

We extensively tweak our Raptor Android OS's, but we also use that knowledge to create bespoke Android OS builds or just to talk at the right level with your engineers.

Raptor Secure platform

Our Raptor hub support portal doesn't just do repairs. It does a lot more...

... and we've got a lot more coming too.

Talk to an Expert

Fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert. Just get in touch any way you like.

We work a 4 day week at Raptor (apart from support), so forgive us if we're a little slow on Fridays!

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