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Support and repair products

Easy to understand support, simple to use repair services.

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How it works

We want to make support simple, so our support services is one simple product.

Let's take you through our support products

Raptor HALO

Raptor HALO - A solid base

Raptor HALO is the result of 15 years of support feedback, giving you everything you need to get help when you need it. We've kept all the essential parts of support in, but kept all the complication out and the best part is it's completely free for all Raptor devices.

Fast warranty repairs

Fast repairs

95% of all repairs completed < 5 days with most < 24 hours. The fastest in the business.

Raptor hub Support portal


Simple, repair focused portal to log essential rugged devices.

No contracts

No contracts

No tie-ins or contracts. You pay nothing up front with no commitment.

Innovative mobile support


Aimed to stop repairs before they happen.

Innovative mobile support


Low repair costs, we also repair multiple items for the cost of 1 repair.

Free mobile repairs

No upfront costs

Not 1 single Pound, Dollar or Euro up front. Pay only for the repairs you need.

Free mobile repairs

Flexible Payment

Multiple ways to pay to avoid lengthy PO processes.

Raptor HALO is all many of our customers ever need.

Support brochure

Need something more bespoke?

Then just come and talk to us. Here's some extra things we can do.

Swap depot
Swap Depot

Immediate depot swap service.


MDM and KIOSK lock down services.

Accessory design

Accessory support, free replacement.

3D Print
3D Print

3D print replacement parts services.

Pre-pay repairs
Pre-Paid repairs

Pre-paid discounted repair services.

Worker module
Worker Module

Direct to worker repair centre services.


Active reports for your devices.

These are just some of the modules and services we can add

Support brochure

Talk to an Expert

Fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert. Just get in touch any way you like.

We work a 4 day week at Raptor (apart from support), so forgive us if we're a little slow on Fridays!

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