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We want to make things simple, so our support products are also simple to understand, easy to upgrade and can be completely tailored to your business if necessary.

Let's take you through our support products

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Raptor BASE - free for all!

We believe in our rugged devices and that's reflected in what we give for FREE. All Raptor customers automatically get our Raptor BASE service for free and for the life of your devices.

For many of our customers, Raptor BASE is everything they ever need. Here's what you get:



Simple, secure portal to manage your rugged devices. Make your life easy.

TCO Repair support

Fast repairs

90% of BASE repairs completed < 4 days. Pay for faster when logging repairs.

TCO Repair support

No contracts

No tie-ins, contracts or anything at all. You pay nothing up front with no commitment.

TCO Repair support

Talk to us!

Use the portal to ask questions, chat about a repair or find answers to common issues.

TCO Repair support


You don't spend 1 single Penny, Dollar or Euro up front. Pay only for the repairs you need.

TCO Repair support

Small parts

Buy any part for your Raptor, even the smallest screw! Buy yourself or let us replace for you.

TCO Repair support


Tips and advice on every repair report, pro-active advice to stop repairs in the first place.

Our BASE level of support has been designed to give customers a dependable level of service for FREE and without having to commit.

Support brochure

Raptor SELECT - when you need more

Raptor BASE is great but your business might need a bit more. If you're looking for a "total cost of ownership" model then our range of Raptor SELECT comprehensive contracted support is what you're looking for



Accidental damage coverage.


Even Faster

3 day turn-around time for repairs.


Wear & tear

Wear and tear built in to service.


Multi year

Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 5 year contracts.


Save money

Annual renewals reward usage.

Our SELECT level of support gives you a total cost of ownership model, rewarding commitment with peace of mind support.

Support brochure

Need something more bespoke?

Then add in a Raptor PLUS support module. Most of our modules can be used on either our BASE or SELECT levels of service and if there's something you need that's not here then we can create a new service just for you.

Swap 24

24 hour "spare in the air" device.

Swap Depot

Immediate depot swap service.


MDM and KIOSK lock down services.

Raptor Connect

A range of tracking & Security solutions.


Accessory support, free replacement.

3D Print

3D print replacement parts services.

Pre-Paid repairs

Pre-paid discounted repair services.

Screen protect

Add on a free screen repair for your device.

Worker Module

Direct to worker repair centre services.


Active reports for your devices.

These are just some of the modules and services we can add

Support brochure

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