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Coronavirus update page

This is where we update our policies and also you on how we are currently working to combat the Coronavirus.

Help and Advice

Firstly we would urge everyone reading this to take this virus very seriously. We have suppliers and customers all over the world and we have been in deep contact with many over the past weeks. The Coronavirus is extremly serious. Please listen to what the UK government tells you and abide by the rules set in place.

Nicola sturgeon best put it..."If life feels normal right now, you should be worried. Life is not normal and should not feel normal if we are to combat this disease."

Coronavirus statistics: The base lab

Coronavirus Map update: CV cases map

Coronavirus UK Focused stats: WHO CV19 Stats

Our Status

We have had no change for a while, however due to the rate of increase in new cases now hitting nearly 5000 today, we feel we need to update our community.

We have not changed the way we have worked all the way through, so we will be continuing to work as many people from home as possible and maintain a support rota to ensure support times are met. These processes have proven very robust since the beginning of the pandemic.

So far there has been no further impact to supply chains, we have reasonable supply times for most suppliers. The impact of China holidays and the usual Q4 rush is higher than the Corona Virus at present. We also have no ipact to domestic deliveries with DHL, who are our courier partner.

We believe here that things will be getting a lot worse, we are preparing for a lock down and hoping for better. We'll update here as soon as we know more, a lot of what happens will probably depend on what decisions are made my government.

Stay safe everyone, abide by the rules because if we don't we just make this problem bigger.


We're going to move to monthgly updates from now on, as the virus subsides for now at least.

We are now fully open, operating with Covid processes to ensure rota and support is met and sales are fully open.

Supplies are returning back to normality as more planbes are in the skies. We still not as quick as pre-covid days so allowances for any orders need to be made.

We are keeping our eyes closely on global rates as we enter August. We are seeing a few mini lock downs in the UK, as well as Covid all but still raging in countries like the USA and Brazil so we are keeping a close eye on where it is prevalent and how it could affect our business.

Next update will be the end of August


The UK's curve is debatable in our view and we urge everyone to look at the stats and graphs and to make your own conclusions as to what is safe. These are going to be some hairy weeks for all of us as we are told to return to normality but in conditions that may not necessarily be ideal. Our plan is to therefore maintain our current processes that are proving robust. Our Red/Orange/Green status will no longer be use because we are now operating with a new set of permanent rules and processes that have minimal impact on all aspects of our business. Therefore we consider our business back to GREEN We are now operating permanent COVID19 processes until further notice.

With no CV19 cases here at all, we are now beginning to take staff off the furlough scheme. We aim to do this slowly, safely but surely with a return to normal staffing levels by the end of July.

All staff will continue to work from home. We have a robust remote working framework so this will have minimal impact on customers.

Essential onsite staff will continue to be on our proven rota so that we maintain all services.

We still have slight impact on supplies, this is largely due to there still not being many aircraft flying. however we are only seeing a short time impact on supplies.

Domestic UK deliveries are seeing almost zero impact to our next business day service.

We have a plan in place for returning workers, with testing, PPE kit and a process to ensure our staff adhere to our more stringent rules so that we can keep services open and our people safe.

We are supporting any staff who do not want to send their children back to nursery/school.


The UK's curve is still maintaining a flattening out profile. These are going to be some tough weeks for all of us as we see the virus subside, but very slowly. Our plan is still to PREPARE for end of July ,to EXPECT for an end of June but still hope for an end of May time line for the lockdown to ease. However we are currently experienicing very minimal impact to business at this point.

No change to 16/04 update

Sales are fully open and operating from home on rotation.

Support is fully operational, we have been repairing on average under 2 days.

We have daily,rotational warehousing presence at our main site and are receiving supplies on a daily basis. We are sending out same day with slightly earlier cut off times of 12.00 noon to utilise and help DHL's resources best. We also have a quarentinbe period for supplies to minimise handling risk to our staff and customers. please contact us for further advice/impact.

We are best contacted using our "info@raptorhub.com" email where we have a response time of a few minutes.


It's early to be sure but it looks like the curves are flattening and the UK governments measures are starting to work. Whilst deaths will lag about 2 weeks, the charts for hospital admissions and detection rates are starting to slow which is promising. At Raptor our plan is still to PREPARE for end of July ,to EXPECT for an end of June but still hope for an end of May time line for normality.

Business is as usual here, our counter-virus measures are proving to be robust and as such we have very little impact since the last update to our services.

The repair centre is open and repairing as normal. Slightly slower repair times are expected, but our average repair turn around has been 1-2 days.

Sales are open. We are getting stock and supplies through from all our suppliers. We are managing longer delivery times internationally and this is due to there being very few aircraft that products can travel on, however these are being managed and whilst stock is lower than normal in the UK, it is being managed and we have stock.

Our next business day service is being impacted on a postcode basis. This is simply due to DHL having impact to their workers due to the virus hitting. We have so far seen very little impact to our deliveries though with only a few deliveries experiencing an impact.

We are operating on a skeleton staff structure. I want to highlight that all furloughed staff at Raptor are on 100% pay and this will enable us to hit the ground running when the coronavirus rules are lifted. Our skeleton staff, along with our technology and processes are proving resilient and business is currently as normal as the restrictions allow.


In an effort to ensure we keep essential support services open for as long as possible we have decided to close down some areas of our business until further notice. People affected will be furloughed and paid 100% salary by us until further notice. This will impact all areas of our business except for our repair centre.

If you require any support or products then please contact us via email: info@raptorhub.com or for larger accounts please contact your account manager directly.

We are focusing on protecting our essential services by keeping our support services open, at the expense of turn around times and presently we have no plan to close support services. As long as the extra protection measures are used by us and customers we should remain open.

Please follow all guidelines set out on the support portal to ensure minimum delays to your repairs.


We are a resilient and flexible business and in times of crisis we will put people before profit every time, so despite some big changes happening already, we have so far coped quite well with the impacts of the CoronaVirus. Most of you already know that we prefer a “proactive” approach to our support and it has been no different to our response to date against the CoronaVirus situation. To clarify what we are already doing:

Inline with the UK government rules:

  1. We are all working from from home, with full access to email and skype. Account managers should have already contacted larger customers who need support during this time.
  2. We have already put in emergency cover processes to ensure we have the best chance of keeping our support centre open. This includes a rota of onsite occupancy to cover hardware repairs. We have very little impact at this point.
  3. We also have a strong distancing and cleanliness process to follow, both on and off site. This includes a cleaning/disinfecting routine as well as keeping people apart from other employees, delivery drivers and anyone coming into potential contact with our employees.
  4. We have already committed to all staff come what may to cover shorter term isolation, illness, child cover and more and this has allowed employees the freedom to make decisions based upon their home life and any risks to health. This has already paid us dividends as staff have been able to commit longer terms by having a few days off to manage their lives/children etc.
  5. We put in place a "goods In" handling process very early, when there were only cases in China, this meant that we did not touch any parcels from suppliers for 5 days after delivery, to ensure the virus could not be still living on these surfaces. We further have ensured that all products going to customers have been here A a minimum of 5 days to ensure that nothing can be transmitted on parcels from outside the UK.
  6. We are urging customers and suppliers to favour email to contact us. We can more easily monitor email and respond from multiple locations/people. Please email our info@raptorhub.com email for the fastest response.

Changes to RMA/Repair process

We have taken advice from our courier DHL and also key research on handling of packages and the spread of CoronaVirus which will impact our processes from this point onwards. CoronaVirus has been found to be able to live and be actively transmitted from surfaces for the following periods:

If sending in a device for repair, we are asking that customers adhere to the follow extra precautions outlined on the repair portal home page.

We take the well being of our staff and the spread of this virus very seriously. Any deviation that puts us at risk is likely to lead to extremely long isolation for devices at bext or return and banning of the service until further notice.

Please bear with us. We are placing priority on having an open and functioning repair service, rather than a fast one during this time. If we aren’t slightly paranoid, we will continue to lose workers, ultimately leaving us with no-one to operate our service centre, so please help us to help you. If you do not follow the above process, or are found cheating the process, then your devices will be put to one side for special weekly cleaning here, delaying your repair times by at least 7 days. In some cases we may send back devices unrepaired. Our priority is keeping people safe here and our service open to everyone.

Future likely impacts

We are constantly looking at new rules and ensuring our staff adhere to these as well as keep themselves, and their families safe. Like all other businesses we also have economic and business impacts to consider. We are currently reviewing the following:

Potential removal of some roles/jobs that are appropriate under the \"Job retention scheme\". These employees would no longer work for Raptor tempoarily but would receive full pay from us and would return when allowed. We will announce this and any closures at the right time.

Questions/Answers so far

Will Raptor be able to weather a shut down for 2 or 3+ months?

We have plenty of cash reserves, we have no loans and owe no money which makes us a very resilient business. We’re not going anywhere and we’ll still be here after this has all finally passed over us.

Will our hardware repair services remain open

Yes but there will be some restriction sgoing forward as we receive packaging advice and how we must stop the spread via packages. We envisage short delays on repairs where customers have followed the emergency process. We envisage longer delays (up to 2 weeks) or no provision of service for those who do not.

I have a support contract, will my 2 or 3 day turn arouind time be affected

If you follow the emergency RMA process then your impact will be minimal. However all repairs could have potential delays. Not only do we have to quarentine packages, we also face a reduced repair through put as we look to keep the service open in favour of fast repairs and then having to close.

Do you envisage your repair centre closing at any point

To keep our repair centre open we need skilled people, we need the ability to come to work and we need parts. If customers help by minimising our exposure risk by following the RMA process, we should have very little risk to staff. We are fully stocked with parts and will harvest parts form new devices in stock if required. We are able to man the repair centre presently as we are deemed an essential service due to the clients we have, including multiple NHS operations. Our main risk is if the rules change on travel and no-one can get to the repair centre or if we deem packages and devices to risky to handle.

How long do you think this will go on for

Our opinion is not from any kind of medical background but we envisage serious business impact for at least 3 months, we are preparing for 6.

Wil you be laying staff off and potentially closing Raptor fully

At this point we are considering closure of the sales side of the business, all staff will benefit from 100% salary being paid so they will all return. The repair centre is open for business with no current plan to close it.

Can I come and collect goods

You can't do this anyway, our stock is not in 1 place, our sales team are very mobile at the best of times and we are not allowing anyone onsite other than key individuals in the repair centre.

Can I come and collect goods

You can't do this anyway, our stock is not in 1 place, our sales team are very mobile at the best of times and we are not allowing anyone onsite other than key individuals in the repair centre.

Are rugged devices able to spread Coronavirus

Yes they definitely are able to spread the virus. We have asked couriers about touching devices and also read key research on plastic, glass, rubber and cardboard and any mobile and its box are capable of sustaining the virus for up to about 5 days. All it takes is someone with the virus to sneeze into their hand, to use a device and then to pass it to someone else and they could be infected.

Who can I talk to or contact about the Coronavirus and Raptor?

We are happy to advise, help or talk when it is truly needed, but please bare in mind we are already working at 120% to ensure services are kept open. emailing is best, email us at info@raptorhub.com.

Please check back regularly for new additions to this page - Dave, MD and chief tech dev

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