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You're not in the game unless you have great support

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Support that works at all levels

To us, support is something every customer should get.

Whether you opt for multi-year contracted support or our free support levels, you'll find amazing support as long as you need.

How support support works here

3 simple levels of support ensures you'll always have someone to help

Fast warranty and repair
Raptor CORE


<5 day repair

Lifetime support

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Proactive support
Raptor HALO

Free for 2 years

<24 hours repair

Unrivalled support

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People to people

< 24 hour support

Multi-year contracts

Comprehensive cover

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A Repair service you can rely on

At the heart of any rugged device support service, lies the repair centre.

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Ours is Fast

95% of repairs turned around in < 24 hours

Unique repair services that save you time

People Focussed

Talk directly to engineers via our portal

A named account contact to talk to

Engineers and account managers are all in one team here

and Proactive

Our goal is to never see your broken kit!

On demand intelligence reports give you in depth knowledge of your Raptor devices

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Support Portal

The "Raptor hub" support portal is the control centre for managing your Raptor devices. Simple, secure and free for all customers.

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Asset Management

Manage your Assets

A home for all your rugged mobile devices.

Simple and easy to log in and manage your whole mobile platform.


Log repairs in seconds, keep track of all your devices.

Spend time on your business, not your hardware issues.

Get Proactive

Get help and advice quickly

Issues trending helps you to identify where issues are happening.

Loads of reports giving deep data about your support service with us.

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Always showing, helping, ranting and raving!

Constantly being updated, How to's, demo's, sneak peaks, learning articles, project tool kits and much more.

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Talk to an Expert

Fast, friendly help from a real rugged mobile expert. Just get in touch any way you like.

We work a 4 day week at Raptor (apart from support), so forgive us if we're a little slow on Fridays!

+44 (0)151 324 2244

(Mon-Thu 9AM to 5PM)

Save money

Oak Tree House, Wheatcroft Road, Liverpool, L18 9UF, UK.

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