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Utilities and Meter reading

Keeping water and energy flowing

The challenges of Meter reading

Supporting a successful meter reading operation requires a great deal of experience to get right and our expertise in this area of field mobile deployments is why we're one of the leading rugged mobile suppliers in this market.

Workers are truly remote requiring a mobile device that's rugged, ready to go and can operate all day. At the same time being slim, light and modern like a smartphone. Add to this fast, flexible support direct to end users or depot means the reading operation is never held up by any kind of user or equipment issue.

Raptor also has deep expertise in device connectivity RFID and bluetooth which is fast becoming core to the process of reading energy meters both remotely or by hand and our experience in this market means if you're in the utilities market, then we can probably help you.

Our Utilties and meter reading customers

We have provided rugged devices to a wide range of meter reading and utilities companies, click on a logo to read more about what we provided.

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