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Delivering to a new BYOD era

Driven by new companies like Uber, Hermes, Amazon and Deliveroo. Bring your own device, in layman's terms, means that businesses are no longer providing mobile devices to their workers. Instead workers are using their own personal smartphones and tablets for work which brings a whole new set of challenges.

Rugged mobile providers, like us, are being asked to provide to individuals, instead of supplying to one major business customer so we have optimised our support to cater for this and whilst many business opt for a hybrid BYOD strategy, it still requires us to be ever more responsive to an ever more demanding customer.

Our rugged devices have changed to. Workers no longer want to carry 2 devices, they are looking for a "consumer" style device in terms of size, weight, familiarity and technology, but with the no compromise features of ruggedness, battery life and support.

Raptor was built on the principles of making technology accessible to all so we're well optimised to deliver to businesses or individuals looking for a rugged device that will cater for personal and business use.

Bring your own device customers

BYOD customers or any customers that have a hybrid BYOD solution.

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