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Eliminate risk, work out problems, make sure our rugged devices are right for you before you commit to a purchase.

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Test without the worry. Designed to be used, we don't mind scrapes or scratches. Install apps, give to your users.

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Test out accessories, check ergonomics and see how Raptor rugged mobile devices can solve your problems.

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Meet our rugged handheld Family

Highly Focussed, rugged devices with deep features, quality and "built for business" support.

Raptor C5 waterproof smartphone

Raptor C5

Durable waterproof smartphone

Thin, light, but fully rugged

Android 7.0

Our cheapest device

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Raptor R5 rugged smartphone

Raptor R5

Rugged Android Smartphone

Replaceable 6000mAh battery

Super rugged design

Built for field mobile

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Raptor R5X rugged device

Raptor R5X

Modern Rugged Smartphone

9000mAh fast charge battery

Super bright FHD screen

Powerful Octa-Core CPU

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Raptor E5 rugged Android barcode scanner

Raptor E5

Rugged PDA Barcode scanner

Top line 2D barcode scanner

Huge accessory options

Touchscreen works in the wet

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The Raptor way

We believe that a Rugged PDA is only half the story and you deserve more than just being sold a piece of hardware. Here at Raptor we offer deep expertise, free advice and help with the aim of creating long lasting relationships.

Fast warranty and repair
Problem Solvers

Who's going to be the glue between your rugged devices, networks, OS, backend and users? Our experts simply roll up their sleeves and help.

Proactive support
The Human Touch

Rugged Android experts aligned from the first call, Account contacts, engineer access. You choose how to communicate.

People to people
Built for Business

Our hardware runs an enhanced Android OS that's reliable, energy efficient, malware/bloatware free and secure. Your business data is safe.

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